PFC Ludwick H. "Lucky" Hiers

460th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

- - - D R A F T - - -

I was inducted April 22, 1943 at Camp Blanding (Florida).  Almost immediately after qualifying for Paratroop training I was sent directly to Toccoa, Georgia.  I do not recall any actual INFANTRY training at Toccoa.  All I recall is that they were trying to separate those from those who could and those who couldn't.  So I did not receive a combat infantry badge or infantry parachute designation. 
I do not have the first clue as to why I was shipped out to Mackall to become a part of the 460th Parachute Artillery Battalion.  I remained with the 460th throughout my stay at Mackall,  on to Tennessee Maneuvers, then back to McCall with the 517th PRCT consisting of:   three BTNs of Infantry, one company of Engineers, and the 460th, which had one HQs and one HQ Service Battery, and four Gun Batteries (which consisted of four 75 mm Packhausers in each Gun Battery named Able, Baker, Charlie and Dog).
My oversea duty began with the Rome-Arno Campaign Southern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe.  I was wounded September 11, 1944 near the French fortress city of Sospel.   On September 14, 1944 at the 2-51 ST-EVAC hospital where I received the Purple Heart.  My service record indicates that I received the ATO, the EAMETO medal, good conduct medal, and the WWII Victory Medal.  I honestly can only remember the Purple Heart and Good Conduct Medal.  Only the good Lord knows where they are.
My service records indicates that departed for the ETO on May 17, 1944.  On another note I was a radio operator with spec # 7740.  I rose to the rank of Battery Commander's radio operator which should have been two stripes but I continually refused rank and remained a PFC throughout the entire war.
Lucky Hiers, Airborne