Escapades by W.T.W.

54 pages; perfect bound; catalogue #03-2229; ISBN 1-4120-1851-X; US$10.45

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Escapades is a true story about an overseas paratrooper in World War II. Like all paratroopers, in World War II, he felt his parachute regimental combat team (the 517 PRT) to be the best there was.


Paratrooper in World War II. Aviator with over 25,000 flight hours. District Manager of large retail fuel company. Owned and ran seven Florida citrus groves.


from Italy:

I peeked around the end of this fence just as "C" companies captain stood up in front of this kill of Germans and signaled real deliberate to fix bay nets three times. On the third time about 100 bayonets came up. "G" company was going in.
Comm. Platoon got up to follow. No one fired at us as the Germans switched their fire on "G" company. They were too late as "G" company was in on top of them, "G" company took more German prisoners than "C" company had personnel in the company.

from The Bulge:

In the process a couple of tanks were digging in and one of their sergeants was standing talking to me. Major Paxton walked by and said to the tank sergeant "Your outfit has a reputation of pulling out and leaving people in the lurch. You don't do that to the 517, I gave orders to my gunners to shot you if you try it, we are all staying." Major Paxton then went on his way.

from Germany

About the 4th night we were called on to make a night attack. But just before jump off the attacking force did not want a wire team, as there is no way to keep the reels of wire completely quite. Sgt. Horne, Ed Inman, myself and I believe one other wireman was near Col. Paxton as he sent his people in. The engineers along with "I" company went first. The Engineers to clear the mines, "I" company in five man patrols to go up through the mines, wade the river, find each other on the other side of the river, and prepare to attack the dams from their back side.