Ft. Campbell, KY  1950

Left to right:  Major Tom Cross, Colonel Waldorf USAAF, Lt. Col. Ray Cato, Lt. Col. Bill Boyle

Comment:  Taken at airfield, Fort Campbell, KY, 1950.  Colonel Waldorf USAAF was for EXO of 440 Troop Carrier Group that trained with paratroops from 2nd Bn. PIR.  Jumped 2nd Bn 517 PIR on training & ??? vicinity, Pinehurst NC (Mass Drop).  Also jumped 2nd Bn. 517 PIR in Operation  Dragoon.  A good example of joint Airborne/Troop Carrier training.  When this photo was taken, Colonel Waldorf had just brought his USAAF Reserve Troop Carrier Group to Fort Campbell to jump part of 11th Airborne Division, then stationed at Fort Campbell.  Most of the pilots were airline pilots then currently in USAAF reserves.

received January 2004 from Tom Cross