517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team

Would you like to hear regularly from other members of the 517th?

Back in 2000, Ben Barrett organized an email-based mailing list for 517th members and families and friends who are interested in hearing regular updates from other 517th members. These "Mail Calls" are sent out periodically, generally about once or twice per week, as news is received. Each Mail Call message includes a collection of other notes received from those on the mailing lists. Notes are mostly just news about personal events or items that may be of interest to others. Nothing fancy, just a way to keep in touch.

If you would like to be added to the Mail Call list and receive these mailings, just send a note to Bob Barrett at mailcall@517prct.org. Include your email address, as well as any personal news that you would like to share with the others.

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Note that the WACs on the left are sorting mail for Units 504-598.
There is probably plenty of mail for the 517th soldiers in this picture.