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I am in California today and I will visit Howard Hensleigh tomorrow
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The 551st Attack on Trois Ponts, 2-7 Jan 1945
River Crossing and Attack at La Roquette, 27-28 August 1944
Howard B. Goodman, Service Company

Paras en Provence: Le 517th PRCT Dans Les Alpes Maritime
       from Armes Militaria Magazine (cover, article)

Lory, Tim , and the entire Curtis family of Harland L "Bud" Curtis, HQ, 1st Bn 
      Since speaking with you on the phone Sunday night when I told you my Dad had passed away, this is the first time I have felt like writing into mailcall.  I have received some condolences from our 517th family, and I just want to say thank you so much for thinking of us.  My Dad's death was sudden, we still do not know for sure what happened, but we think some intestinal  problem occurred that caused some rupture.  Anyway he died quickly which is what he always hope for so he did not suffer, and our family is very grateful for that.  He leaves behind his sweetheart Lois, 3 sons, 4 grandsons, 3 granddaughters, 5 great-grandsons, and 4 great-granddaughters.  His funeral will be on December 27, 2007 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 3701 Elm Street, Long Beach, CA at 2:00 pm with military honors.  He will be buried at the National Veteran's Cemetery in Riverside, CA.  If anyone needs to contact me my home email, and my cell is 801-232-0009.  May God Bless all 517th troopers still with us.
Lory, Tim , and the entire Curtis family of Harland L "Bud" Curtis, HQ, 1st Bn 
Kathy March
Dear General Seitz (and other 517 supporters),
    Thank you very much for your message (forwarded to me by Ben).  It
seems very strange (and very moving) to hear from you and others with
your recollections of my husband's uncle.
    Your account about the capture of Hunnange was particularly useful
to me in piecing together David Hines last days.  What I have assembled
(and will reproduce for the family) about the movements of the 517th
PIR, especially the 2nd Battalion, and, even more specifically whenever
possible E Company is as follows; I'd be grateful for any additions or

    * by Dec 10, 1944:  (from the Regimental History on Wikipedia and All of the 517th was in

      Soissons as part of the XVIII Airborne (but I cannot locate
      Soissons on a Belgian map)
    * Dec 15-16, 1944:  German offensives begin the Battle of the Bulge
    * Dec 21, 1944:  517th 2nd Battalion:  attached to the 30th Division
      at Malmedy
    * Dec 25, 1944:  517th 2nd Battalion:  detached from the 30th and
      returned to the XVIIIth
    * Dec 26, 1944:  (from Gene Brissey's of E Company "Wartime
      autobiography") 517th captured Manhay; but other sources seem to
      say that this involved only the 3rd Battalion; if so, what was the
      2nd doing?
    * Dec 26-29, 1944:  (from Gene Brissey's "Wartime autobiography")
      517th in "a little Belgian town"
    * Jan 3, 1945:  517th acting as the left flank of the 82nd, moving
      south on the Salm River; 2nd Battalion captured Trois-Ponts
    * Jan 13, 1945:  517th 1st & 2nd Battalions captured Butay, Lusnie
      (can't find), Henumon (can't find), Coulee (can't find),
      Logbierme; and establish blocks (what are these?) at Petit Their
      and Poteaux
    * (no date):  517th 2nd Battalion moved from Goronne to Neuville to
      be assigned to the 7th Armored Division (does this correspond to
      the establishment of "Task Force Seitz"? and was "Task Force
      Seitz" part of Combat Command A at Polleux?)
    * Jan 20, 1945:  517th 2nd Battalion (as part of Task Force Seitz)
      attacked from an assembly near Am Kreuz (can't locate on
      contemporary maps, but gather was somewhere near Born and/or
      Deidenberg?) to capture Auf der Hardt woods (can't find on
      contemporary maps), with "E Company on the right and D Company on
      the left" (from "The capture of Hunnange"):  where did you "jump
      off" from at 4 in the morning?  Was this on the 20th or the 21st?
    * Jan 21, 1945:  It is in this offensive, en route to Hochkreuz
      (can't find) that David Hines was apparently killed by a sniper; I
      know this was the 21st. Reading your "Capture of Hunnange" really
      carefully, it sounds to me as though it may either have been early
      in the day (before 10 o'clock), when you recalled that "there was
      allot of sniping and the commander of E Company estimated that he
      had killed 40 or 50 Germans."  Or it may have been later, as you
      were securing the road between St Vith and Ambleve (or Amel), in
      that other "small town, I don't recall the name, which was along
      that road.  There they ran into problems, they did not surprise
      the Germans and some of our TD's were ambushed and destroyed by
      German self-propelled guns."
    * Jan 22, 1945:  on through Der Eidt woods and Hunnange
    * Jan 23, 1945:  St Vith captured
    * Jan 25, 1945:  road between St Vith and Ambleve (Amel) cleared

    I thought you might like to know that I am putting together a book
with your messages, selected documents from the 517 website and, above
all, copies of the two photos found so far for the family.
    I am struck again by the very great sacrifices made by so many. 
Thank you.

Kathryn S. March
Professor of Anthropology, Feminist/Gender/Sexuality Studies, and Public Affairs
224 McGraw Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853 USA

Phone: 607-255-6779
Vanessa Armand
Hello Ben!
I hope this email finds you well.  How are your holidays? Not too cold I

I am writing regarding a possible memorial service for Don Fraser at the
St. Louis reunion this summer.  As you already know from my mother and
aunt, we would like this memorial service to commemorate  other recently
deceased veterans of the 517th, not just my grandfather.  The Tri-State
Reenactors would like to attend the St. Louis reunion, as well, (you would
remember them from Washington this past summer), and would like to
contribute to the service.  A request has been made for the names of our
heroic veterans that have passed in the last year or so, so that they
maybe be remembered at the ceremony.  Where would I find such information?

Thank you for all your help and Merry Christmas,

Vanessa Armand
Granddaughter of Don Fraser

Tom McAvoy

Merry Christmas.

This one is beautiful!!!

Tom McAvoy

Hey Ben I was informed by Jimmy Degnans  (of  H Company) Sister that he has had a stroke, and  effected his whole left side including his left eye.  come on guys say a prayer for him? Beaver Carrillio  please send him a letter (get well card)   he spoke often of you.  his address is  Manteno Veterans Home, Number  One Veterans Dr. Unit K-3 West  Manteno, Ill.  60950  Tom McAvoy

Timothy D. Williams

In the subject mail call there was mention of a picture of the HQ Co. 2nd Battalion in the Thunderbolt.  I don't currently get the thunderbolt but would really like to see the annotated copy.  Is it on the website or will it be?

My uncle was SSgt. Kenneth E. Miller.  His nickname was "Hawks" but I don't know if he got that in the war or at some later date.  He died several years ago before I got a chance to interview him.  He is listed on the Christmas program as Supply Sgt. HQ Co. 2nd Batt.  Was he assigned to one of the letter company's earlier on and during training?  He was wounded twice but I haven't been able to find out where or when.  I don't have any pictures of him during the war and wanted to know if anyone remembers him or if he is identified in the recent Thunderbolt picture?


Timothy D. Williams
Maine Community Foundation
245 Main Street
Ellsworth, ME 04605-1613

Howard Hensleigh

Ben:  The last thing Dick Seitz needs to do is apologize for failing to remember detail.  His knowledge of his men, down to the squad, what they went through, and how they fell is amazing and rewarding to family members.  Howard Hensleigh

Steve Markle


World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas
about David T Hines

Name: David T Hines
Inducted From: California
RANK: Staff Sergeant
Combat Organization: 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Death Date: 21 Jan 1945
Monument: Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
Last Known Status: Buried
U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal
Bronze Star Medal
Additional Army Awards
Source Information:
National Archives and Records Administration. World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas [database on-line].

Mark Landreth

Hi Ben - According to his grave marker, SSgt Hines was KIA on 21 January 1945. I'd seen a morning report, or some other document, that listed him as MIA for a day or two before. mark landreth