3rd Battalion at Camp Mackall
From Cecil H. Doty, H Company (sent March 2002)

This photo of the 3rd Bn was taken at Camp Mackall just before we went on Tennessee Maneuvers. -- C. Doty

Here is what the photo looks like at 25% size:

Here is the photo at 100% size. You will have to scroll left to right to see it all.
See Howard Hensleigh's notes below for identification.

From: Howard Hensleigh
To: Tom Reber
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 8:27 PM
Subject: Re: 517th

Tom: Here are the names of the officers in the 3rd Bn. picture. As mentioned, your Dad was not there, probably on leave as were Dick Spencer, Erv Pinkston and others.

Left to right -- McGeever (Killed near Mt. Scandeous and Ridge X), Pierce (transferred to 1st Bn.), Largan, Maciag, Garrett, Birder, Hooper, Riddler, McElroy, Hensleigh, Plasmann, Miller (transferred out before we went over seas), McMahon (Executive Officer, later commanded 1st Bn when Bill Boyle was wounded), Zais (Bn. CO, later 4 star General), Pencak, Neiler, Calder, Morris, Bennett, Gibbons, Jackson, Thomas (killed on the rail road tracks at Les Arcs, the same tracks I went over and back "with a little bit of luck"), Feeney, Terrell, Fuller, Renton, Stott (Stott was killed at Manhay by friendly fire), Fastia (Marty flamed out at Mt. Scandeous just before McGeever tried to lead Terril's platoon to join G and H on Ridge X).

Some of the pictures are not too clear, but I'm sure I got most of them. The companies behind the officers are L to R Hq 3rd, G, H, and I. Most of the officers are in front of the companies to which they are assigned. Your Dad's mortar platoon would be behind McGeever and his officers. Later, he requested me to be assigned to Hq. 3rd from G and may have regretted it when we (Benoit) stole the Monteroux mayor's car for S-2 operations. He chewed me out something fierce. Paxton left him behind in Monteroux to make peace with the civilians and the mayor was hard to make peace with.

Howard Hensleigh