I Company at Camp MacKall, NC

Here is what the photo looks like at 33% size:


Here is the photo at 100% size: It is very big and will take a while to load, but this size has the best quality to see all the faces. You will have to scroll left to right to see it all.

Kent Immerall:  I believe Marvin Moles and Robert Vaughn told me they are not in this photo because they had been assigned duties elsewhere that day. Makes me wonder how many other Troopers missed-out on this piece of history. My uncle, Floyd A. Stott, is right in the middle of the front row with the light-colored trousers. Sadly, I don't know others in the photo but I'm pretty sure Howard might remember some.

Jean-Loup Gassend:  Regarding the I company photo, Marvin Moles is standing 8th from the left, first row. Captain Fastia is 14th from the left, 1st row.
Marvin Moles identified Woodrow McQuaid as being the second man from the left, 1st row. I contacted some of Woodrow's distant relatives and asked them if they saw Woodrow anywhere on this photo, and they also concluded he was 2nd from left. This is therefore the photo of Woodrow I used in my book.


From Kenton Immerall, grandson of Lt. Floyd A. Stott

Received September 2, 2011