596th Parachute Combat Engineer Company (at Camp Mackall)

I have something new to share...
Thanks to Mickey Moses and the Jim Moses family, We now have a full scan of the group picture of the 596 Parachute Combat Engineering Team that dad and Jim Moses was a part of in WWII. The photo has been cleaned up and revived by using some of the modern tools available to us, and we are extremely proud to share the results with all. There are a total of 3 scans that are available for download;
I just talked to my mom. She believes that it was taken at Camp Mackall prior to departure to Europe. It has to either 1943 or earlier because Howie Jaynes (3rd from the right in the 1st row) was KIA in Italy in 1943.  She will be talking with Bill Hudson (who provided my dad with a xerox copy of this photo years ago) later this morning to see if he can provide accurate details.
I am also copying Mickey Moses (son of Jim Moses) to see if there was any designation on the back of his source photo.  I am also working on the list that identifies all but 6 of the guys.
Thanks for all you do.
PS... If you have trouble finding him..... Dad (Eugene Markle) is the 3rd guy from the right in the 4th row.

identification key (pdf format)

Also: Extra large high resolution version (11.2Mb)