596th Parachute Combat Engineer Company

Thanks to the work of Jim and Claire Giblin for the scanning, and the kindness of Allan Johnson of the 596 to share some of his photos, I have new pictures of the men from the 596 PCEC to share with all on my site.  Unfortunately, many were not identified with names and/or places so I am seeking help.  -- Steve Markle
This one specifically caught my eye.  It has a make-shift structure that was tagged "The Lost Cause", with (Al) Goodman and (Don) O'Neill's names prominently posted. Maybe there are some stories associated with this one. -- Steve Markle



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Designated by... (DS) - From the Don Saunders Collection / (JM) - From the Jim Moses Family Collection / (AP) - Anne Pugh / (AJ) from the collection of Allan Johnson / (517PRCT) from the 517th Parachute Combat Team book by Turner Publishing [http://www.turnerpublishing.com] and the 517PRCT Organization. Used by permission.

The pictures of the men can be viewed starting here:  http://markleweb.com/gallery/v/wwii/people/unknown/

... and the places can be viewed here: http://markleweb.com/gallery/v/wwii/places/unidentified/

As I receive identifiers for each of these, I will move them up a level to the correct location http://markleweb.com/gallery/v/wwii/people and http://markleweb.com/gallery/v/wwii/places respectively).

-- Steve Markle

received March 2008
from Steve Markle