Photos of Nice - Then and Now

1944 and 2005


From: christophe fine <>
Subject: photos from Nice, France
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 20:25:17 +0200
Dear friends, 

Here are some photos which represent the same places now and sixty years ago. 
If some of you are interested to see now the same places that they met during the war, I would be happy to take some photos and sending you after. But I can do only in this part of France where I live: around nice, L'Escarene, Col de Braus, Sospel, for example. 

Read you son sincerely 

Alain Fine 

Salvator Incontro, Col de l’orme (col de braus)
 September 1944

Alain fine, col de l’orme, July 2005



Robert Cooper standing in the rubble of the inn that a time-bomb blew up, Nov. 4, 1944, about 3 miles up the river from Sospel, France. Nine survived with minor injuries. Floyd Polk lost his leg, and Danny Ogniewski, Walter Vanderpool, Alton Allen, John Fouts, and Homer Beaver lost their lives. All members of the 3rd platoon, Company D.

Sospel, July 2005



Oct 1944   Nice, France

"Do not judge the book by its' cover" -- John J. Lissner

Lt. Ben (Sweet Pea) Renton (G Co.) in the back.
Capt. John J. Lissner (F Co.) in the front.
Driver and source of jeep, unknown.

My Jeep 2005 -- Alain Fine