PFC Arlton E. Bearden

I Company, Demo Platoon, 517 PRCT

Here is a picture I have of my uncle that was in your unit. His name is PFC. Arlton E. Bearden of "I" Co.


KIA in Italy June of 1944. Not long after arriving in Italy according to your unit history.

Thanks very much for this website, it has helped me to learn a little about the uncle I never got to meet. I conversed a while back( 2006-2007 I think) with a man named Mcavoy? maybe? Can't remember for sure now, I will have to look up the files. He remembered my uncle and told a different story of how he was killed than what our family had heard. Anyone with any memory of him would be welcome to hear from.

Thank you, Johnny Ingram



Glad to see something about Arlton Bearden on MailCAll, even though it was very short.  I considered Arlton a special friend, even though he was in the demo Platoon and I was in S-2, meaning that we saw each other every day.  We were classed, so that they kind of separated us in our training excpet basic training  In that mode we were all running together all the time  (5 months of it)


Tom McAvoy


Received from Johnny Ingram
, 2010