Scrapbook of

Donald G. Barry
G Company


submitted by Chris Anslinger (Don Barry's son-in-law)

Received February 22, 2002


Chris Anslinger sent in this amazing collection of photos from Pvt. Don Barry -- 38 pages, nearly 150 photos, clippings, etc.!

I'll just paste them here as sent in, not exactly in chronological order. Some dates are noted on the photos, others you can figure out from the "History of Service" notes. Some photos are early (1942-1943), before the 517th, and some are with the 505th (Berlin 1945).

Donald G. Barry's History of Service
Don Barry - "Places I have Been"
Belgium 1 - Jimmy Ledgin
Belgium 2 - Don Barry, Jimmy Ledgin
Berlin 1 - Russian tank, Division patch, David Wilmore, Unger, Herriage
Berlin 2 - Twiss, Ledgin, Barry
Berlin 3 - Barry, Ledgin
California - Hollywood, Williams, "Mac"
Easter Sunday - Barry
France 1 - Riccky Crise; 78 Sta. Hospital, Nurse Lynch, Hospital workers
France 2 - Charles Glass, "Eddie"
France 3 - J. Yankulov, Red Cross, Nice France
France 4 - France, Montegrosso (Sospel)
France 5 - Col. Graves, Col. Paxton; VE Day, paratroopers, Don Cheney
France 6 - Floyd C. Henriott, "Joe", Chuck Glass, Frank Merryman
France 7 - Floyd Henriott, ?, Chuck Glass, "Whitey"; bottom row:  Mont Aga´sen (Sospel)
France 8 - Lawrence Trackey, Don Barry, Bottom row:  Barbonnet 44
France 9 - Thomas Nolan, Jr., ?, Don Cheney, "Jim", Don Barry, Robert Callahan; bottom row: Montegrosso
France 10 - Col de Braus, Lester Bashill, Charles Glass, paratroopers
France 11 - Twiss, George, Hep, James Ledgin, Toney, Helpinstine, Cotton, Don Barry
France 12 - Robert Callahan, ?, Don Barry, Lawrence Trackey, "Cook", C.R. Mullins, Don Cheney, ?
France 13 - Red Cross, 78 Sta. Hosptal, Nurses Lynch, Gysegum and Tyson
Italy 1 - William Buk, Sgt. Robert Callahan, Paul Silva
Italy 2 - Jack Henwood, Sgt. Darwynn Beer, "Eddie"
Italy 3 - Jimmy Gunnell, George Ochoa, Johnny Hagan
Italy 4 - Jim Gonnell, Eddie Carlson, Le Roy Miller, William Buk, Jimmy Gunnell, A.J. Roe, "Mickey"
North Carolina 1 - Donald Cheney
News Articles 1 - News Photo, 82nd Airborne, Epinal, France; Major Gavin; "Little Letter to God"
News Articles 2 - Philadelphia Enquirer: "517th Minefield"
News Articles 3 - Lt. Dick Spencer (Hq/3): Battle story, wife, infant, poem
Printed Doc 1 - Don Barry - Battling Buzzards; Camp Mackall booklet
South Carolina 1 - "Lou", Don Barry, John Kerr
South Carolina 2 - Alvin Boyce, Don Barry, Sgt. Earl "Red" Bowers, ?
South Carolina 3 - Alvin Boyce, Don Barry, John Kerr, Mike McMonagle
South Carolina 4 - John Kerr, Al Backrack