C. B. Jones
E Company at Camp Toccoa - Part 2

Here are some other items attached that relate to Toccoa. You are welcome to use any of this material and photos on the 517th. website and you can edit as you see fit and include whatever you think would be of interest.

Lee Lacey

CB wearing straight pant legs on a very plain uniform so I'm pretty sure these were made in early June at Toccoa
sent to me by Jim Easter in 1988

L to R standing: CB Jones, Whitie Mulligan, David Walls, Sgt. Patterson

kneeling L to R are Jim Easter and (Ward?)

Easter definitely said this photo was taken at Toccoa.

The pillow case was brought home as a gift at Christmas 1943. CB's two sisters still miss their brother. Lucille lives in Morganton and my mother Mamie Ellen (age 85) lives in Hickory.
Dear Ma,
Sorry I have not wrote sooner. But I was kinda sick for a day or two. I had to take some shots for Typhoid fever and it made me sick. We got rifles Monday. The durn thing is as big as me. It weighs 9 or 10 pounds. But I sling it around like it was nothing. The hard thing is we have to clean it every night. It takes me about an hour. When I got mine it had a pinch of rust in the barrel. I can't get it out very easy. We have inspection of arms 2 times a day. So I ketch the devil every day. I think I have it pretty clean now tho.

We go thru the woods about every day. I always get on the end so if I happen to see any huckle berries or blue berries I can scoop down and get them without the sarg seeing me. I am still planning on calling you up on Friday about 8:00. I had plenty of coat hangers so a boy moved up over me (to the upper bunk) yesterday. He is using my extra ones. If I or he ever moves I will get them back. I'm sure one of my green coat hangers is on another boy's line. I didn't say anything to him. I am just not ever going to trust him with anything I got. He swiped one of my coat hangers. He forgot about mine being painted green. Well I am being a good soldier. I might be more mischievous if I were going to town. But it will be a long time off. Well, I will have to close and clean my rifle. It is pretty dirty, We were marching thru the woods today and the lieutenant said 'take cover' and we had to scatter under a bush somewhere. I fell on my rifle and got dirt all in it. Well, it is your son Bill saying
Love forever"


The other file is a letter that CB wrote to his mother Bessie Jones on June 16, 1943 from Toccoa. I thought I would share it because it is general, not too personal. Reading this letter is for me like hearing my uncle talk even though he was KIA in Belgium two years before I was born. This letter gave me a smile and small glimpse of what life was like at Camp Toccoa in the hot summer of 1943.


sent in September 2005

by Lee Lacey