Cameron J. Gauthier


cameron photo



460th Parachute Artillery Battalion - C Battery


1943 paratroopers

1943 paratroopers

1943 paratroopers

1943 paratroopers

George Silberhorn


1943 paratroopers

L-R: Captain Louis T. Vogel, A. Castnegnaro, Robert Smith

The Captain took his own punishment and dug a latrine

L-R: Cpl. James Pelly, S/Sgt Gaylord Bucher, Cpl. Milton Rogers,

Cpl. George Ballinger, Pvt. Robert Smith  2 men of the 517th

Stanley Kolczynski - 1943

Sgt. Harold Hand, Communications Sgt - C-460 517th

Killer "Meatball" Thomas J. Benson, Brooklyn NY

Stavelot Belgium, January 1945

Robert Cherry,

South Merchantville, NJ 12/14/44

Ralph Burgess

Armond E. White

Donald H. Prown

Received from Christine Mace

September 2014