Charles F. Masterson

B Company

From an eBay auction:  "Great original identified 13th Airborne Division 517th Parachute Regiment / Allied Airborne grouping. I picked this up at an estate sale in Cleveland Ohio several years ago. All items were found in boxes in the attic of the home. This soldier was in the Allied Airborne at some point also, as I missed out on the bullion Allied Airborne patch that someone else snatched up first. Comes with 30 photos, many have writing on the backs as to who the person or people are. One photo shown of a soldier walking wearing a white t-shirt was KIA. Many of the photos are the soldiers buddies. Looks like a few photos are from the pacific area and a sailor photo, not sure if this is a buddy or family. Has his paybook which indicates him getting parachute pay. The paybook has his name and also looks like an address for his brother is written on it too. One of the greatest items is his flag armband. This has the areas he was in written on the back. Comes with his dog tag, NCO club matchbook from Fort Benning, still has several matches in it. Also comes with his immunization booklet. The soldier is in the three photo's, one of which shows him wearing an o.d. tank top holding the shovel. He is also in some of the other photos as well. This soldier, Charles Masterson, is listed in the 13th Airborne Division Unit Book. All items in this grouping came together."




found on an eBay auction

March 19, 2013