Chester A. Wells

H Company

On Mail Call No. 1361, dated July 14, 2007, Elaine Becker (Berger) Posted several photographs she had of an uncle:  Robert Magnuson, H company.  I recognize one of the men in one of the photographs as my (step) father, Chester A. Wells.  I'm including MY copy of that photograph and wonder if you would forward this email to Ms. Becker.

For Ms. Becker's information, the man on the left is my father: Chester A. Wells.  I don't know the name of the other person. *

There is another photograph that I have that I believe is similar to one that Ms. Becker has.  Her photo shows two men in a foxhole.  My photograph shows only one man; but I'm pretty sure it is the same foxhole and one of the men.  I'm forwarding that one also.

I have included the information my father wrote on the back of each picture.  If she can provide any information about the photographs, I'd very much like to get it. . 

Wells and Maurice Masich. Piera Cava, France

Maurice Masich. Piera Cava, France

"Howard Hughes - Sospel-France 1944"

from Rhonda Wells
Received July, 2007