Sgt. Randolph Coleman and friends

F Company

1943 or early 1944

Sgt. Randolph Coleman, F Co.

Camp Mackall, N.C.


Nov 12, 1944

Major Thomas R. Cross, 2nd Bn Exec.

1st Lt. John Lissner

F Co.


Camp Mackall, NC  1943

L to R Standing:  Pvt. Humberto Guevara, Pvt. James Varner, Pvt. Jack Milojevich

Front:  Sgt. Randolph Coleman

F Co.


F Company at Bagatelli's - Nice 1944

From left front around the table:  T/5 Alan R. Shelton, Sgt. Randolph Coleman, Edward V. McAndrew, Martin, Elio Muccianti, James R. Varner, Wayne W. Hibben, Anderson


Oct 1944

Le Can Can Club, Nice France

Left to right:  Pvt. Robert L. "Indian" Pierce, Pvt. Marion L. "Funky" Funkenbusch, Sgt. Randolph Coleman,

Pvt. Alex "Sandy" Sendejo, woman - who knows?


Received April 2004