Photos from PFC Michael J. (Mike) Kane
D Company

submitted by Mike Kane Jr.
Received May 7, 2003

Mike Kane sent in this huge stash of 46 pages of photos -- almost 200 photos!  Most of them look like southern France - Sospel and Col de Braus, but some of the "collage" pages are in wintertime.

For now, I've left them at the original size, which might be a little large for your screen.  Just scroll around for now.

"I presume that most are of Company D, which my father was assigned to.  I don't have any names of other soldiers other than my father's." - Mike Kane Jr.

If you can help us identify more of the names or places or times, please send the info to

Updated June 2003: Kelly Edwards was at the June 2003 reunion in Oklahoma City with a printout of these pictures.  She asked members of D Company, including Floyd Polk, Bob Cooper, Bob Hart, Rodger Goodsell, and Frank Gallucci, to identify all that they could.  More to come soon.  Thanks to Kelly and the men of Company D.


Updated December 2003. More photos identified by Jim McWilliams (via Mike Kane Jr.)



Mike_Kane  Mike_Kane2


Top Left: Lt. Starkey on the right

Top right photo: Eric Anderson

Middle row, left: Fred Canziani in the foreground;

                        Scarf over mouth: John Sarti

                        Right (in blanket)  Mike Kane

Bottom Row, left:  Kane, Gallucci, Stegall


Top left photo (L to R) Dick Young, Big Lewis, Fred Canziani, Campion, Joe Molina

Bottom Left: Mike Kane (L)
Bottom center photo is Herman Kusen, not Keith Carpen
Bottom right photo is Mike Kane and Toivo Moisio


Middle Photo of Marching column, extreme left:  Joe Cantamessa


Top right photo is LaBarr (closest to camera, leaning on elbow).  He was KIA.

Top Right: Believes this is not LaBarr, but rather Robert Davis.
Top Left, playing basketball: L to R: Joe Stedman, ?, S.D. Moxon, ? Tom Latimer
Middle Row, Left: Sgt George Doerr


Top left photo is John Sarti

Top, middle:  Herman Kusen

Top right photo (L to R) Jim McWilliams and Fred Canziani

Bottom center photo (upper) is Larry Prebenson

Bottom center photo (lower) is Mike Kane


Top Right: Mike Kane (Third from Left)

Bottom Left:     Mike Kane (L)


Top Middle:  James Starr, facing left

Top right: 1st Lt. Carl Starkey


Top Right:  Could be Dick Young (with water bucket) and John Haney


3rd photo on left side is Mel Edwards

Bottom Left photo is Arnie Hughson

Group picture with white house in background: Bob Boese (extreme right);  Lloyd Henry (second row foreground, facing left)


Top left photo is Big Lewis

2nd photo on left is Fred Canziani

3rd photo on left (standing L to R) James, Jim McWilliams; sitting behind McWilliams there are 3 men looking at the camera- the 3rd man from the left in this group is Rennebaum

Bottom Right:    ?,  Mike Kane, Frank Wayda, James Olsen, James Starr


Top left and top right:  Walter Evjen

Top center photo is Bill Uhlir

Center left photo (standing in the foreground) Capt. James, Jake Stegall; standing in the background is Toivo Moisio

Bottom center photo is Mel Edwards


incl. Sospel

Top Left photo- Mel Edwards

Top Center photo- Ben Shankman

Center Center photo- Bill Uhlir

Center Right (Sospel sign), L-R:  Mike Kane, James Olsen and ?


Top Center photo- McDade (KIA Trois Points, Belgium)

Middle center:  Stegall

Right Center:    Joe Molina

Bottom Right:   Frank Wayda


Top left photo- Mike Kane
Center left photo- Jake Stegall


Bottom center photo- Jake Stegall

Bottom Right:  Standing:  John Sarti (L), Ted Lobur (R)


Top left photo (L to R)- Jimmy (Little) Olsen, Fred Canziani
Top center photo (Standing L to R)- Olson (not Jimmy), Martin (Seated, front) Mike Kane
Center left photo- Big Lewis
Bottom Left photo- the man on the left is Jim McWilliams
Bottom center photo- Fred Canziani


Top Left photo- the man on the left is Ed Smith, on the right is John Sarti
Center left photo- the two men looking at the camera are Tom Lattimer(L) and Arnie Hughson(R)
Center center photo (looking at camera)- Mike Kane


Top Left photo- Jake Stegall

Top Right:  Radford Lewis

Center Left photo (Standing L to R)- unknown, Jimmy Olsen, Starr (Seated) John (Johannes) Guderjahn


Top left photo (foreground L to R)- unknown, Mike Kane

Top Right:  Radford Lewis

Center left photo (L to R)- unknown, Hood, Featherston

Bottom left photo- Lewis

Bottom Right:  Lt. Allen


Top left photo- Starr (saluting), Capt. James (Holding papers)
Center center photo- Jake Stegall

Center, center:  Phil Lovell (?)
Bottom left photo- (Top to Bottom) Mel Edwards, Lewis


Top left photo- Orville Cyrus
Top center photo- Capt. James (R)
Center left photo- Jimmy Olsen
Center center photo- Bill Uhlir
Bottom center photo- Orville Cyrus


Top left photo- Jake Stegall
Top center photo- John Sarti
Bottom left photo- Richard (Dick) Young


Center left, the man on the right is Edward Smith

Top center photo (L to R)- Starr, Jake Stegall, unknown
Center center photo- the two men in the center of the photo are Lewis and Bill Uhlir

Bottom Right:  Hughson and Jake Stegall


Top center photo- Jake Stegall

Center center is Ed Smith
Bottom center photo- the men in the upper left corner are (L to R) Mike Kane and Fred Canziani


Top Center photo- Toivo Moisio

Top Right:  Ted Hillhouse
Center left photo- (group to the left of the box) the two men right next to the box are Mike Kane (front) and Lewis (rear); (group to the right of the box) Jake Stegall (front), (rear L to R) Bill Uhlir and Jimmy Olsen; (Row behind box L to R)
unknown, unknown, Olson, unknown; (Standing L to R) unknown, unknown, Toivo Moisio
Center center photo- (L to R) Toivo Moisio, Mike Kane, Roger Goodsell

Center right:  Mike Kane, Woody Kennamer, Jim McWilliams;  Priest is Father Rativeau   (Taken in Joigny, France)

Bottom Left:  (L) Mike Kane;  Short woman is Father Rativeau’s housekeeper and seated is his or her mother.


2nd left photo: Adam Razdik

Center left photo: Ben Shankman

4th left photo: Fred Canziani (r)

Second Right Photo:  Sgt Goodrid (KIA at Trois Ponts);

Third Right Photo:  Daniel Ogniewski  (KIA at Sospel)

Bottom Right:  Lloyd Henry



Top left photo: Felix Povinelli
2nd left photo: Jimmy Olson
Center left photo: (L to R) Fred Canziani, McCarthy, John Sarti
Bottom left photo: Haskell Reese

Second Right:  Toivio Moisio

Fourth Right (on Ridge):  Mike Kane (R)

Bottom Right:   Dick Young


Top left photo: Jake Stegall
Center left photo: Clifton Duggan
4th left photo: Jake Stegall
Bottom left photo: Lt. Starkey


2nd left photo: (standing L) Jake Stegall
Center left photo: Tom Hill
4th Left photo: Ben Shankman (center), Big Lewis (right)


Top left photo: Fred Canziani

Second Right (on cannon):  (L-R) Lewis, Wayda and Mel Edwards


Col de Braus


2nd left photo: John Haney
Center left photo: Phil Lovell
Bottom left photo: Roger Goodsell


Top left photo: McCarthy
2nd left photo: Jake Stegall
Center left photo: Mike Kane
Bottom left photo: man behind jeep resting head on hand is McKeon

Bottom Left:  Don Dillon (in foreground, in front of Jeep)


Top left photo: Bob Simmons
2nd left photo: Lt. James (standing with papers)
3rd left photo: Block


Top left photo: Ben Shankman (left side, sitting next to box), Cyrus (right side, standing), Starr (sitting next to Cyrus)
Bottom left photo: (front row L to R) Martin, Bonner, Sgt. Doerr, Cyrus, Bob Sabine, sitting behind Martin is Meingastner, standing is Bob Hart


large group photos

Center photo: (standing L to R) Faiola, Gettman, Lewis, Bonner, Jimmy Olsen
(kneeling L to R) Ben Shankman, Geary, McDade, Canziani
Bottom photo: (standing L to R) Charles Twibell (?), Orville Cyrus, Frank Wayda, Cliff Duggan, Arnie Hughson (kneeling) Ben Shankman


Top left photo:
(rear L to R) Lt Starkey, Bernard McDade, Dick Young, Schwartz
(front L to R) Roger Goodsell, Al Herr, Orville Cyrus, Ben Shankman

Bottom photo:
(front L to R) Mel Edwards, Bonner, Shankman, Faiola, ?
(rear L to R) Geary, LaBarr, Jimmy Olson, “Big” Lewis, Canziani



Top photo: (background, standing next to tree) Sgt. McKeon
(foreground, standing L to R) Frank Gallucci, Ted Hillhouse, Perry
(kneeling L to R) Joe Molina, Al Herr, Dick Young


Col de Castillon, Berlin






Frank Gallucci told me that the photos in Groups 37-40 were photos that they were given at jump school, and the men pictured are not members of the 517th. -- Kelly Edwards