Photos from Don Saunders


596th Parachute Combat Engineer Company


Art Vaughn and Unknown

Art Warner and Herrera

Art Warner

Bernard Barnes

Bob Fox and Barbera

Bob Verdi

Bob Verdi

Boggan and Reed

Bruce Stroud

Bruce Stroud

Camp Mackall - From Top - McRoy, Willits, McCauley, Cullen, Jackson, Monahan


Celecz and Verdi

Clarence Hadelstad at Col De Brau October 8 1944

Don and Leon Sanders

Don Saunders and Al Kunzer

Don Saunders and Joe Bennet

Don Saunders and Laravey

Don Saunders at Camp Mackall, NC just before Tenesee Manuevers in November 1943

Don Saunders day before VE Day

Don Saunders Sept 28, 1944 in Southern France

Don Sherman and Don Saunders

Eddy, Warner, Gaudie, Holbrook

Elmer Zackas

Frank Ennis

From Top Left - Fox, Shaw, Barbera, Reed, Eddy, and Monohan

From Top - Stark, Reed, Costello, McRoy, Christian, Barbera, Shaw and Spencer,

Geiger and Joe Tripp

George Ayling

Gus Larrson

Harold Eddy

Harold Eddy 2

Harold Eddy 3

Herrera, Saunders and Bennet


Holbrook, Jaynes, and Bruce Stroud

Holbrook, Unknown, Buchanon, Stroud and Zachas

Homer McRoy and Dick Shaw

Howard Jaynes 2 (KIA)

Howard Jaynes (KIA)

Jim Moses

Joe Bennet 2

Joe Bennet and Don Saunders

Joe Bennet

John Celecz June 1943 w Thompson sub machine gun (Bethleham, PA)

John Celecz June 1943 w Thompson sub mg (Bethleham, PA)

Jose Herrera and Joe Bennet

Kellog (Elmira, Ny)

Kovak, Marion Kroll and Eggler

Leon and Don Saunders in Nance, France

LH Spenser, Sal Ciuila, Christian, Art Stark, and Barbera

Liberatore and Doane


Matt Jacque, Don Sherman and Don Saunders

Miller (307th)

Moore and Moon

Nelson, Zubricky and Stroud

Norm Willits and Don Saunders

Pre VE Day

Reed and Lucas

Roscoe Stevenson and Don Saunders

Saunders and Fran Crooks

Saunders and Haddelstad

Saunders and Herrera

Saunders and Mills


Stroud and Reed


Stroud and Reed 2


Unknown 1 and 2 (307th) with Don Saunders

Sterling and Newcannon

Stevens, Vaughn, Schornberg, Harold Johnson, and Saunders





Unknown and Eddy

Unknown and Hugh Sterling

Unknown and Valdez

Unknown, Unknown, and Art Warner

Unknown 2

Unknown 3

Ve Day Prep

Veeck (460th)

Verdi and Saunders

Verdi, Saunders, and McCauly

Vestil Lucas, Moore and Moon

Vestil Lucas

Vince Podraski and Don Saunders

Vince Podrasky and Don Saunders

Wes Williams, Frank Ennis, Jim Greenwood, and Don Saunders

Wesley Williams

Whalen(x) and Sterling

Williams, Moses, Markle and Reichwald


Don Saunders



PDF Documents:

17th Airborne Information and Compliance

Tennessee Maneuvers

War Correspondents Notebook Jan 6th 1945

War Correspondents Notebook Undated


Received  July 1, 2007
from Don Saunders with help from Steve Markle