Don Sliker and E Company

E Co. 517th RCT


My mom just recently moved here to South Carolina and uncovered these photos, letters books and alike. Here are a few. The first is of, I believe after studying your Co E photo in Joigny France, Higgenbothem, Kiss and Franko. The second are some officers and, I believe, Dave Hines taken in Nice France. Hines was spoken about a lot by my dad and a friend who was KIA. He did have a returned party deceased letter from when he was in the hospital. In the letter he asks Dave Hines to have Brami forward his mail because it hasn't been catching up w/him. The third is my dad place unknown w/unknown trooper. Please post these pictures on the site if you like as someone may know or be able to identify themselves or a loved one.
Don Sliker


Higgenbothem, Kiss and Franko ?

L to R: Lt. Joe Kisolwicz, Roy Landreth, Lt. Andy Jorgen, Dave Hines, unknown

Don Sliker and W.H. Morrison


sent in August 2005

by Donald E. Sliker

son of Don Sliker Co E 517th RCT