Sgt. Cecil H. Doty
with 3rd Battalion and H Company

These pictures of H Company 3rd platoon were taken by me in the Crater Area in Italy in 1944. Notice the hair cuts. We had cut all our hair off..

Cecil Doty

Received March 2002

H Co 3rd Platoon's Sergeants:
S/Sgt. James A. Wilson, Sgt. Cecil H. Doty, Sgt. Robert P. Price, and Sgt. Manuel B. Fernandez, Jr. (Babbo)

Sgt. Cecil H. Doty and Mortar Squad and 3rd Platoon H Company

Sgt. Robert P. Price and 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, H Company

Top row: Dick Huggler, John Pastalenic, Wally Vincent, unknown, unknown, last with helmet: Sowicki (sp.?)
Middle, bending over with hand on shoulder: Mike Sura

2nd row, unknown, unknown, Manfred Seeburger, unknown, kneeling with cigarette: George R. Monkhouse
Bottom row, Sgt. Robert P. Price; next to him: SSgt. James S. Wilson

Sgt. Babbo Fernandez and 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, H Company