Darrell Egner and friends

Hq Co., 2nd Battalion

"Fountain" (cook) with Darrell Egner

[PFC Laughlin B. Fountain]

Darrell Egner trying to grow a beard!
French barracks just before the Battle of the Bulge

Hq Co. 2nd Bn. - top left

Darrell Egner and Western

[Sgt. Ira A. Western]

Darrell Egner and Tex during the Berlin occupation
Hill 1098

Sam Povich and Floyd Larsen

Darrell firming mortar in France
Hill 1098

Sam Povich trying to come out of his hole

Darrell Egner and Sam Povich by the mortar
Darrell Egner and Ira Leonard
Darrell Egner and Bob - a French movie star in Nice.

.from Darrell Egner, via Chris Lindner (Nate Rubensteinís Daughter)

received November 2003