T/5 Eugene R. Beck

460th PFAB

I'm sending a picture of my Great Uncle Eugene R. Beck Tec 5,  460th PFAB. He was from Atlantic City NJ. He served in 1944-45. He was dropped over France at D-Day Minus One.

He received a Bronze Star of heroism, but I'm not sure what he actually did to receive his medal. After WW2 he returned back to the Atlantic City Beach Patrol as a lifeguard. (He had previously been a Lifeguard before his enlistment in the military.) Unfortunately he hurt himself attempting to saving a bather in the ocean.  He had slipped on jetty rock, which later left him paralyzed from the waist down. He passed away from those injuries in 1952.
He's always been a hero of mine even though I had never met him. I'd like to know more about him from any 460th members who might have served with him.
Thank You,
Jim Burns


Received June 24, 2005
Jim Burns