517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team

2nd Platoon, F Company

2nd Platoon F Company

August 14, 1944 or the day before we made the jump in Southern France.
The picture was taken in the "olive" on the outskirts of Rome Italy. -- Ray Hess

1st Row, left to right: Paul Young, Ray Hess, J.P. Anderson, Jim Cunningham, Paul E. Brazie, Davy O'Brien, Marion Funkenbush, Rusty Bolt

2nd Row: Holt Hetterick, Ally Sherman,Whitey Vicek, Terry Young, Steve Errickson, John Jonientz, Gene Frice, Donald Spears

Standing 3rd Row: Gary Davis, Al Coyner, Ernie Gilbert, George Ross, Ray Bunce, Jack Jewell, Norm Haller, Roy Webb, J.B. Walton, Paul Cook and "Pappy" Ellis

Submitted by Ray Hess