1st Lt. Floyd A. Stott

I Company

KIA Manhay 1944

I'm going to try this once again.  I tried to organize the photos is what looked like chronological order.  But first, I wanted the photos of Floyd and most likely 517th buddies in hopes that they can go on the 517th site.  I'm hoping someone will recognize these brave men and let us know who they are. 

Kenton Immerfall

Image #1 - Floyd Stott is holding the ball.  Who might the others be?


from Howard Hensleigh: Left to right:  Jim Birder, then executive officer of I Co., later commanding it; killed at Bergstein when he sat on a shu mine while trying to get some of his men out of the mine fields.  Erv Pinkston, G Co. platoon leader.  Floyd Stott with the football, I Co. platoon leader.  Bob McMahon, executive officer 3rd Bn.  Marty Fastia commanding I Co. who flamed out near Ridge X and Col de Braus.  Undoubtedly taken at Mackall east of the officer's mess.  After duty and before dinner we played touch football there.  They were hard fought games, but if you wanted to eat, Mel Zais' team had to be ahead at the end.  Some games lasted quite a while but I don't think anyone missed a meal.

#2 - Floyd is on the right.  Who might the other soldier be?  I believe I have the Hamilton watch that is on Floyd's left wrist.
#3 - Floyd's printing on the back states, "A Hot Spot before finally taken.  Note shrapnel marks on building."


from Howard Hensleigh: This is at the officer's club at Frascatti, Italy.  Erv Pinkston found and liberated a several storied, elegant house owned by  one of Musolini's henchmen.  For his labors, Erv was made club officer and prepared a gala club opening while the rest of us trained in that hot Italian sun preparing for the jump into S. France.  When the dehydrated troopers rolled out the barrels of cold beer, no one could find the barrel spigots to release the contents.  Erv had sampled the other liquid refreshments to the extent that he could not be wakened.  The next day Erv was out in the field with us, big head and all.

#4 - Floyd wrote, "December 21, 1943 - Maxton - Laurinburg Air Base, North Carolina - Type of plane: C-47
#5 - Nothing on the back but probably taken about the same time.  Must be jump training.
#6 - The next 3 of Floyd must be in Europe.  Any idea exactly where and when?


from Howard Hensleigh: Photos 6-8:  All these are from our 3rd Bn. bivouac area, Fracscatti, Italy.  Mel Zais could not bear to have his 3rd Bn. unwashed and rigged up showers which Floyd is using in the last one.

#7 - The back says "Italy - August 4, 1944"  He is so thin.  And a cigar?
#8 - Back: "Lt. F. A. Stott, Home-made showers in Italy.  See the 2 kids and My Tan."
#9 - Back: "Lt. F. A. Stott, Italy - Officer's Club."  Where might this be?


from Howard Hensleigh:  O'Club, Frascatti.

#10 - Back: "Southern France Sept 44."  Any idea where this might be?


from Howard Hensleigh:  Floyd Stott taken around the Sospel, Col de Braus area.


#11 - Back: "One of Jerries artillery hits on a hotel we stayed in."  Any idea where and when?


from Howard Hensleigh:    I am sure this is the Negresco Hotel in Nice, where we got 24 hours out of combat for an overnight stay and a bath.   It was a wonder what the chef could do with our five and ten in one rations along with some fresh French vegetables etc.  Nancy, my daughter, who has visited Nice recently, says the Negresco is still THE hotel in Nice.  She did not pony up the price to stay there.


#12 - Back: "One good Jerrie (dead) Oct"  Would this most likely be France?


from Howard Hensleigh:    Yes,  This is Southern France, near Sospel.   If you had to fight a war, this picturesque place wasn't a bad place to fight it.  It was easier to defend those mountains than to take them.  We took them all the way to the Italian border.

Thanks Kent for your tribute to a great Iowa boy who deserves it.


#13 - Back: "Two Good Nazis (dead)"  I wish I could read what is on the markers.
#14 - Back: "Five Good Nazis - (Dead) Nov '44"  How sad.  In about a month Floyd would also die.
#15 - A smaller size laminated in plastic.  What is the pin (left side) on his hat?

[A: That is his LT rank which is also worn on each epaulette. - Don Gentry]

#16 - The patch on Floyd's hat must be the "unofficial" 517th one.  [Correction- Not so, as it is the Airborne Patch which is worn by Officers on the right side of the
Overseas Cap. - Don G]

And the bars under his paratrooper pin?  [The bars are ribbons, one for each of two Medals awarded at that time. If the picture was taken in Italy, on of the medals would be the EAME Campaign Medal. The dress uniform he is wearing was called Pinks and Greens. - Don Gentry]

#17 - So young but so proud to be a Paratrooper in the 517th.  Any idea when and where?

from Kenton Immerfall
Nephew of Floyd A. Stott
Received July, 2007