Gary L. Davis

F Company, 517 PRCT

We would like with this mail to request a little room for one of our friend.

We met him for the first time in Columbus 1999 reunion, he came in our home in France in 2000, we drove him in all the battle field, We loved him so much and he treated us as his "french kids"  we are so proud that he gave us his jump suit and dog tags exhibited in Le Muy Museum to perpetuate his memory for the future generation.

As a Graphic art designer he designed for the first time the formal baseball cap of the association. He served as scout on 517th."F" company with best friend Gene Frice , since the start of the unit to the end. he jumped in le MUY southern France on the 15th of august 1944, he was wounded on the hill 1098 near col de Braus.

He was a very proud military veteran, he passed away on the 27th of October 2008 , the friendship he made in the 517th have carried over to this day.

This year was a  special anniversary in Le Muy we share it with his wife Jeanne, his daughter Melanie, and 2 grand daughters Bethanie and Megan.

dear Ben, hope that you will find a little room on your website to remember our loved friend Gary L. DAVIS.

thank you so much in advance.
kind regards,
Your friends
Eric, Mickael & son Adrien
Le MUY airborne Museum France


Eric Renoux,

Gary Davis,

J. Mickael Doldi


Gary Davis and Gene Frice

Gary Davis' jumpsuit


Melanie and Jeanne Davis


Muse de la Liberation,

Le Muy, France

Gary Davis, USA, 1943

Back: Jeanne Davis,

Gene Frice, Gary Davis

Front: Karen Frice


Received from Eric, Mickael & son Adrien
Le MUY airborne Museum France
, September, 2009