PFC George W. Cavnar

Regimental HQ, 517 PRCT

Uncle George was listed on the Christmas 1944 Roster as PFC George William Cavnar of Regimental H. Q. He was also a member of Boom Boom's Demolition Team. He spoke of being a driver for a Lt. Clark of  the 517th also. The photo of him standing behind the Ford was probably taken at Camp Mackall as the license plate reads "1944 - North Carolina". 

However the photo that I really wanted to send to you is missing. It is of Uncle George driving a Jeep load of his 517 trooper buddies straight up some giant steps in front of a large municipal bldg. and they appear to be feeling no pain. I questioned him about the snap shot and he said it was taken in Nice France. I don't want to get him court-martialed at this stage of his life but he also owned up to always carrying an extra Jeep rotor button or two just in case of an emergency.
                                                                                          Jerry Wofford
                                                                                          Nephew of a Buzzard  

Uncle George said that the white scarf he is wearing with his dress uniform in this photo was made from his old parachute.



sent in January 2008

by Jerry Wofford