1st Lt Harry E. Riddle

517th, 2nd Battalion, F Company

Here are some pictures of my Dad. Hope you can use some of them.

Kevin Riddle


This one was taken in 1944 in Pointe De Contes, France

From left to right 1st Lts. Clarence McCollum, Harry Riddle and George Giuchici - F Company, 517th PIR

This one is Harry Riddle & John Lissner


517th reunion in Washington, DC

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where or when this one was taken. Obviously my Dad was a Capt. by then so I'm not sure if this was still WWII or Korea.

May 30, 1944
April 21, 1944
April 21, 1944 with 3 month old daughter Sharon Bottom
Fec. Int. Sch. Japan April 1952
Foot of Victoria Mountain, Kauai, Hawaii August 1942

Received June 4, 2005
from Kevin Riddle