460th B Battery

at Camp Mackall and Fort Bragg - 1943

Some more pictures from the 460th B battery.  Many more 460th B Battery if someone wants me to look for a certain soldier.

from Don Harte (John Harte's son)

MacKall 1943
John Harte, Benito Gomez, Storts, James Ruoff, Robert Peterson, Joe Sanford, James Morris, Ferguson, Hubbard, Junior Frederick


Thanksgiving Howitzer
Henry Ramey, Lt. Windisch, Lawrence Stanchina, Charles Hirst, Fagan, Arnold Daniel, Alfred Bucher, Hollis Greene


Mackall 1943 Thanksgiving jump
John A. Harte


Ft Bragg 1943 Howitzer
James Ruoff, Herman Peinhardt, Capt. Clark, Thomas Waskovich, John Harte, John Fuller


Mackall pushups 1943
Joe Sanford, Hubbard, Junior Frederick, James Ruoff, Robert Peterson, James Morris, Storts, Benito Gomez


Thanksgiving jump, I believe, also at camp Mackall:

Cox, John Campbell (kneeling), Rod Thomas, Arnold Daniel, Charles Hirst, Hollis Greene, Dene Barry, Alfred Bucher, Robert Brooten, William Cavanaugh, Joe Sanford, John Harte

Camp Mackall 1943.  460th 2nd section B Battery:
Frank Goodine, Lt.Windisch, John Harte, Hollis Greene, Fagan, Robert Brooten, Rod Thomas, Case, Dene Barry, Alfred Bucher, Joe Sanford

Camp Mackall 1943
Alfred Bucher, Dene Barry, Thomas Waskovich, Benito Gomez


Camp Mackall 1943
Thanksgiving jump Joe Sanford, William Cavanaugh, Alfred Bucher, Case, Roderick Thomas

Camp MacKall 1943
Charles Hirst jump


Camp MacKall 1943
William Cavanaugh, John Harte


Received April 2003