Ed Henzl
HQ Co., 1st Battalion

Here are scanned images of a few photos that my dad has. You may put these on the website and/or Mail Call if you like. My dad has several others, including the HQ Co. long rolled composite photo. I will see if we can get the photographs out on my next visit.

Karen Henzl Reece

Ed Henzl, 517th PRCT, HQ CO., 1st Bat, (my dad, of course)
Ed Henzl, HQ Co. 1st Bat., and Lois, his then girlfriend, now wife of 58 years
Standing left to right, Ed Henzl, George Marshall (deceased), Bill Clifford kneeling in front, Chopper Lynch, 517th PRCT, HQ Co., 1st Bat., just off the boat in Italy, 1944. Notice the shaved heads.
Ed Henzl, in Nice, I think, 1944
Ed Henzl on beach in Nice, 1944
Woman and children on beach in Nice 1944

Received Sept 10, 2004