T5 Herbert Jeff
HQ, 460th PFAB

Ben --
My father, Herbert Jeff greatly enjoyed receiving the 517th Mail Call and since he passed away a little over a year ago, I have continued to enjoy receiving the Mail Call. Thanks for all of your hard work in making the 517th Mail Call a possibility. I often read postings from some of the 517th & family members that warm my heart as they remind me of how Dad loved to talk with others about his service during WWII. Among Dad's things are quite a few photos along with letters that he wrote to his mother (my grandmother).
I have scanned a few of the photos that I thought you might enjoy seeing. Among those pictured are a few people whose names I heard through the years, but have never personally met. Dad and I had talked several times about scanning some of his pictures for possible posting on the website, but we just never got around to it. On the attached photos, I have typed Dad's writing from the back of the photo.

Gail Jeff Douglas, daughter of Herbert Jeff, HQ, 460th

sent in October 2005

by Gail Jeff Douglas