Battle of the Huertgen Forest
Bergstein and Hill 400

On November 3, 2002, we are informed that a previously posted photo of Castle Nideggen was incorrectly identified as Hill 400:

Hello Sir,

I'm doing some research on the Battle of the Huertgen Forest 9/1944 - 2/1945.   On your photos page, you have a wrong picture of Hill 400.   Please visit my website: for some recent pictures of Hill 400 a.k.a. Castle Hill or Burgberg in German language.   I include a picture of Bergstein and Hill 400 which was taken last week, you may use it for your website.  



Thanks, Patrick (Scorpio).

A corrected photo is shown below. For more info on the Battle for the Hurtgen Forest, visit Patrick's web site at:
Included on this site are many pictures of the Kall Trail, Hill 400, Castle Nideggen, and the Siegfried Line (Westwall). The site also includes several links to other informative sites.