Pvt. Ian Cowan

B Company

Dear Ben,
I am hoping these documents come through.  I have three of these Restricted notices of commendation to the 517th. If you would like me to send the others I will.   The other documents I am sending are of my dad and an unknown soldier.  If you note the background, it is a fake palm and alligator.  If anybody recognizes him, please give me his name.  The other item, I thought might bring back some fond memories to some of you gentlemen out there.  Notice the handwritten note " I spent an enjoyable evening here."   I'm glad he had some things nice to remember. :)  Hope to see some of you in Toccoa  this next weekend.

Heather Cowan Riley

My dad is the one on the right. Pvt. Ian Cowan - 517th Co B. Any one recognize the soldier on the left? Would love to share the photo with his loved ones.


sent in Oct 4 2004

by Heather Cowan Riley