Ira C. Crytzer, Jr.

I Company, 3rd Battalion, 517th PIR

I have attached a picture of my father, Ira C. Crytzer, Jr. Also, I have attached a picture of my mother, Mildred Elizabeth Campbell (Crytzer) when she was working in Washington, DC, during the war, for the Department of the Navy. The reason I am sending this to you is this: My Dad was in the 517th, from Camp Toccoa through the Berlin Occupation. A private, in I Company. He fought through (and jumped into) the Champagne Campaign, the Bulge, and then through Germany. Later, he returned to the Virginia Military Institute, graduated in 1948, and then flew in B-36 Bombers during the Korean Conflict as an Air Force officer.

Fritz Crytzer

received September 2006
from Fritz Crytzer