Jim Sutcliffe and friends

H and D Companies

Hi Bob,

Iím going to send you some pictures. So I donít bog down your computer or mine Iíll be sending multiple e-mails.

Iíve attached some of my dadís photos that I would appreciate you posting on the 517 Website. I decided to sends these to you after seeing the photo that Elaine Berger sent in of my dad, and hoped someone would get the same enjoyment I did seeing one of their family members, Thanks Elaine!!. These men are from both H and D Company. Iíve spoken to the majority of these people or their relatives.

Jay Sutcliffe

The attached autographs (517 Auto 1-5) and addresses have helped me locate a lot of 517 family members and the Troopers themselves. Itís been a lot of fun connecting with these people.

Lt Hinds, H Company. This was sent to me from his son Doug.

C Doty on sofa

Cecil Doty, same sofa that Carol Monkhouseís father had his picture taken in front of.

The ďCamp StandishĒ book was given to, I believe, the returning WW II Veterans before being discharged.

I think this is Herbert Downs, H Company. I sent photo to Yvonne, Herbertís daughter and she was 80% sure itís her father.


Bob Dodds, H Company. Verified by his son

Dodds 2

Not sure who this gentleman is, but I believe the writing on the back was Marshall Felskes

Herbert Ford and Arthur Graham, both H Company, verified by Mr. Ford

Jerry Lavine, D Company.

Lavine 2

Mr. Lavine is in the front

Author Graham, H Company

Richard Huggler (middle), Mike Sura (right), H Company

Richard Huggler H Company on right. I thought that the man with the cigar could possibly be Chester Wells??

Jim Sutcliffe, H Company on left, George Korten D Company on right. Not sure who is in the middle.

George Korten, D Company. Anyone who has information on this man, I would be interested to hear from you.

George Korten, D Company on the right, and I think the man on the left could possibly be Haskell Reeves D Company

Jim Sutcliffe, H Company digging hole, uncertain of other man.

Jim Sutcliffe (left), George the Yugoslavian (middle), and Cecil Dotty (right) all H Company. This picture was sent to me by Bob Barnes H Company, thanks Mr. Barnes


This picture had the word ďsadĒ written on the back in my Dadís handwriting. I would imagine this man was killed in action??


W Kennamer

517 troopers

Hispanic 517

helmet trooper


Marshall 1


troopers on train


trooper 3

troopers 4

troopers 5

Lt. Mark A. Stewart (right)

trooper 7

trooper 8

Lt. Olvie Nunnery

troopers 10

trooper 11

trooper 12

trooper 13

trooper 14

trooper 15

trooper 16

trooper 17

trooper 18

trooper 19

trooper 20

trooper 21

trooper 22

troopers eating

troopers on road


troopers on roadside

troopers on train



All the rest I donít know who they are, but would love to find out

Thanks for everything


Submitted October, 2007

by Jim Sutcliffe