Captain James Patrick Birder

I Company



I'm sending you some attachments of pictures of my brother, James P. Birder (KIA, 1945) from Company I.. They were taken in Nice, sometime in November, 1944. The last one I believe was from either their time at Fort Benning or maybe Camp Mackall (I'm not sure exactly where he was) before the unit shipped over seas, I believe. It would be helpful to me if someone could identify for me the others in these pictures.

It has taken me sometime to send these as I only recently found myself with a scanner for my computer and am now trying to figure out how to use it. Hope the website can benefit from what I am sending. I'd really like to find out if others from Company I can identify the other officers in the pictures.


Terry Casey (Capt. James P. Birder's sister)


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Nice 1944

(I recognize the officer in the other picture but can't call his name for sure without some research.  I think it was Woodward or something like that.  He was a replacement, somewhat older and commanded one of the 3rd Bn. companies by the time we came home. -- Howard Hensleigh)


Jim Birder, with Bob Reber, third Bn. mortar platoon leader

sent in May 2006

by Terry Casey