Pvt. James Sutcliffe

517th, 3rd Battalion, H Company

Mr. Barrett,

I have attached 2 pictures of my father; I would really appreciate it if you would post these on your website.  My sister has given me quite a few photos of the troopers, the only two of my father are attached.  I would like to get the additional pictures to you for posting too.  I think the troopers/families would appreciate these.  There are photos on the website that the Stonisís sent in, one has a picture of my father, when my sister saw it, she almost flipped.  I didnít want to bog down your e-mail by scanning all these.  Tell me the best way to get these to you, if you want I can mail (snail mail) them or, I can scan a few and e-mail them a few at a time whatever you think is best.  I have recognized a few of the trooperís faces seeing them on the website, and have contacted them to see if they would like a copy.  I have not heard back from them (my e-mail has been acting up), but probably the best way is to get them to you.
I've also attached a Christmas Card, I guess everyone was given a card to sign and send home.
Again Thanks so much

M/S 4000-2E Midlantic Drive
(856) 914-6728

Jim Sutcliffe
Jim and Friend, Jim Sutcliffe is on the right

My daughter told me the trooper in the picture of my father and an unknown trooper sitting, was killed the day after the picture was taken


Added March 2010:

I was hoping that one of the 517 Troopers would recognize the T4(??) standing to the right of my father Jim (H Company).  I found this picture in with a family photo album.  You posted a similar picture on the 517 website with my dad and this gentleman seated in the chairs they are standing in front of.  My daughter told me that my dad said this gentleman was killed the day after this picture was taken. There is writing on the back of the picture (enclosed).  Iím not sure if this is my dadís chicken scratch, or it is written in French, and if so, possibly one of the 517ís French speaking friends could translate.

Thanks again


Sutcliffe and friends

Jim Sutcliffe is second from right.

This picture was in my Dad's wallet for over fifty years.

The picture has great value to me, I remember as a little boy looking through my father's wallet at the pictures and asking questions. When I came to that photo, my father told me the people in the picture were, "Army buddies". After finding your sight and wanting to post some of my father pictures, I asked my mom for some pictures, as we were looking through them she said there were more pictures in my father's wallet. When I open the wallet and saw this picture, it blew me away. I could not believe he had it in his wallet all those years, 55+. These people (person) must have been extremely important to him.

Christmas V-mail card 1944

Received June 9, 2005
from Jay Sutcliffe