Pvt. John S. Hopkins

I have been searching your wonderful website for a couple of hours now.  I am looking on info on my Grandfather John S. Hopkins.  He enlisted 17 Apr 1943 and was discharged 2 Oct 1945.  He attended Cp. Mackall, NC and Ft. Benning, GA parachute school.  I have his Parachute School certificate dated 25 Sep 1943.  I have a christmas card he sent from the 517th home, a Vol 1 No 1 Thunderbolt newspaper, letters and a few photos.  I know he was wounded in action in the neck while jumping in Belgium 8 Jan 1945 and was a prisoner of war during the Battle of the Bulge.  He was reported as missing in action at one point.  I just have not been able to find his name in any rosters of the 517th.  I have him listed in the World War II Prisoners of War 1941-1946 on Ancestry.com, but I would like to find out exactly which part of the 517th he was in.  Can you point me in a direction?  You are welcome to put the attached photos on your website.  I've got more photos if you are interested.  Thanks!!
Kelly (Coghan) Holderbaum
John's Granddaughter

John Hopkins on left with buddy 1944

First day back in US from WWII

Christmas Card 1943

received June 15, 2007
from Kelly Holderbaum