While searching through the Life Magazine archive on Google, I came across this uncaptioned photo of A Company troopers taken in Italy on August 14th, 1944.
If you click on the picture, you will get an XXL version of the photo.

Yes, this is definitely a stick of A Company.  Chopper Kienlen can be seen in other versions of this picture.
The guy smiling on the extreme left is Phil Di Stanislao and the guy all at the end of the plane on the left is Joe Chobot.
I have the other names but not here with me at work.
My friend Zoot Snyder participated in this photo shoot (although he is not in this picture). It was done during the afternoon of August 14th in Italy. Its a kind of "pre-enactment" for the press before the big jump.
Notice that the American flags haven't been sewn on the jumpsuits yet and that they are not wearing their Mae Wests (life jackets).
Yes this photo can be seen also in the Bruce Broudy archive and is also pictured in Michel de Trez's "1st Airborne Task Force" book.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards Gilles


Received from Gilles G, April 29, 2009