Logbiermé, Belgium - 2007


Dear Ben,
This photo of Logbiermé (2007, jan 7 th) during our annual ceremony to pay homage to the US soldiers. The monument of Logbiermé presents a star with 5 crosses for the 5 men KIA; Hubert Ford and Al CARACIOLA have a cross with their name on it before the stone. Karl KIEFER told us that the company came from Stavelot thru a place called "le Butay" -) la Coulée where they had a terrible battle like in the field where the monument was built in 1984; Colonel Bruce CHESTNUT, Nolan POWELL, Earl PRICE, Phil DI STANISLAO, Charlie KEEN attended the ceremony of dedication.

Last week we visited the monument with Bob DODDS (son of Robert DODDS - 517th 3rd Bat. H company ) He came here with Eddy MONFORT as guide for Bob. This week we welcomed Morris MC DOWELL and wife, we guide them all over here to visit the battle fields and monuments. We also went to Henri-Chapelle cemetery and Bergstein in Germany.

Tell Frizt EICKBERG that we keep the memory and that we shall never forget the sacrifice of those young heroes who lost their live for our liberty.

Hello to everybody from Belgium. Irma and Arnold TARGNION with love and gratitude.

6 janvier 009

St Jacques Church, 2007 january 7

6 janvier 003


Maria GASPAR and the Mayor of Trois-Ponts flowering the 517 th monument

6 janvier 004



St Jacques - 517 th monument - 2007 JANUARY

6 janvier 005


6 janvier 010



Eddy MONFORT - Bob DODDS and wife in St Jacques (517th monument)

septembre 07 001


Church of St Jacques with Maria GASPAR

septembre 07 002

Morris and Beverly Mc Dowell in St Jacques

septembre 07 004

Henri-Chapelle Cemetery - Arnold at Mitchell tomb - KIA in action in St Jacques

septembre 07 008

Bergstein (Germany) battle field

septembre 07 010

Simmerath (Germany) Siegfried line

Septembre 07 012

septembre 07 013
Givet -France - along the river Meuse. Our grand-daughter Laure-Lyne was with us to pay homage at a US Monument

septembre 07 017

Photos from Arnold Targnion
received September 2007