Manhay 1944

I included a photo of the Manhay crossroads.  The first house (that was situated at the corner with the road to Vaux-Chavanne) on the left, was the CP of Col. Paxton in Manhay. The house next to, was your aid station. Do you recognize these two buildings ?  In your souvenirs, you remember of an old lady that stayed in Manhay during the battle. The only civilian people in the village.

Next to, I included another photo that was taken to the 30th December 1944 in Manhay. You can see an old lady on a stretcher. She was probably evacuated by your troops.

What do you think about the photos ?

Can you tell me if it is possible that these three Gi's are from 517th ? I think so!  Maybe that we will found the names of these three soldiers...

Very sincerely with all best wishes from your friend from Manhay.


15, Rue de la Gotte

Received April 26, 2003