Marie-Pauline Rostagni



Dear Ben,
Here is a nice story I thought you could add in the photo section of 517th website. This picture was taken in l'Escarène (French Maritime Alps) by a 517th trooper. The beautiful French girl in the picture is Marie-Pauline "Marinette" Arnulf, née Rostagni. She is the grandmother of our friend Nicolas Arnulf, who is the liaison officer of our 517th association in the Maritime Alps.
"Marinette" was 18 years old and living in L'Escarène when a 517th PRCT trooper named Charles took this picture of her in front of his Jeep. The photo was taken Rue St Sebastien in l'Escarène, Fall 1944. While later on leave in Nice, the trooper had the picture printed and offered it to Marinette.

Marinette is alive and well and still lives in l'Escarène.
With kind regards,



Received from Gilles Guignard

March 2009