Cpl. Albert J Caraciolo
PFC Hubert B. Ford
Pvt. Bruno P. Baraglis

517 PRCT, C Company

14 Jan 1945 Logbierme, Belgium

Notes from Nolan Powell about Cpl. Caraciolo and the battle are below.

These are photos that we took on a 1994 trip to Belgium.  This monument in Logbierme, includes five crosses, one of which has Cpl. Caraciolo  name. His is on top left.

Ben Barrett

Notes from Nolan Powell (C Company):

What I have found so far about Cpl Caraciolo from C Company Morning Reports:

7 Nov 1944 Sospel France
6 EM asgd & Jd Co fr 7th Repl Depot
12012831 ASN Caraciolo, Albert J. Cpl

3 Dec 1944 La Colle Sur Loup France
12012831 ASN MOS 7745 Caraciolo, Albert J. Cpl
Above 15 EM fr TD with MP Det 1st ABTF to duty

(Note I am not listing the other Enlisted Men that were with Cpl Caraciolo in the above reports.  I believe their transfer duty with the MP's was in Nice to help keep our troopers in line.)

14 Jan 1945 Logbierme, Belgium
12012831 ASN Caraciolo, Albert J. Cpl MOS 7521
Above 3 EM from dy to KIA
(The other two were Pfc Ford, Hubert B. & Pvt. Baraglia, Bruno P.)

A description of that battle is in a Record of Company C, starting on pg 36.

...This is the start of telling about the "C " Company battle in which Caraciolo, Ford, and Baraglia were killed. Pps 37, 38 and 39 will describe the rest of the battle action in the small Belgian village of Logbierme, including my being wounded by German sniper. The bullet went through my left elbow out the inside my left forearm, then through the palm of my hand just below and through my middle and ring finger. I spent 1 year in U.S military hospitals in England and New England (U.S).

Albert's Uncle Albert joined Company C as a replacement on the 7th of Nov. 1944. If you read pps. 20 thru 36 of the "Record of Company C", you will cover the time he was with our company.

Be sure to click on on A.J. Caraciolo to see Chester County Hall of Heroes account of Albert's military service. His mother's verse to honor her lost son is deeply moving and nostalgic to me...



Received January 2004