Col de Braus battles -  64th anniversary

October 06, 2008


Dear Ben,

As I told you before, I organized official commemoration of the Col de Braus fights' 64th aniversary in collaboration with Touet and Sospel city halls.

For that reason, I've been helped by my friend Roland Orengo from Sospel, and I organized this reenactment with Forty-Four Memories's association.

Program was : 3 september 1944 patrol inside railway tunnel's reenactment by 517th men, the afternoon, commemorative walk on Col de Braus road. The evening, camp took place on Col de Braus. The day after, walk arrived in Sospel, followed by vehicles and in the afternoon, Fort "Agaisen" visit.

I wish our dear veterans could see those pictures and they could be published on the website. Here's a copy of the Nice-Matin newspaper article I published today.



ps : thank you for adding on the Gilles Guignard article (in 517th Website) that I organized Ignatius J BAIL veteran's welcome when he came in Escarčne on august 13th 2008 and gave him "honour citizen" medal

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received October 2008
from Nicolsa Arnulf