Norman L. Ross Jr.

I Company

I have received a few pictures and nick-nacks from my Grandfather, Norman, that I would like to see posted up on the site. My father was in a machine gun crew with Julian Halverson, whom my grandfather affectionately nicknamed “Swede” (although he was of Norwegian decent). Both are alive and correspond to each other whenever possible. My grandfather currently resides in Ocean Shores, Washington with his wife, Betty. He has 2  sons, 1 daughter, 4 grandsons, 3 granddaughters, 3 great-grandsons, and 3 great-granddaughters. His current contact information is as follows:


I have added the following scans, which include grandpa’s draft notice, a set of furlough orders, his various patches and medals,  special orders to follow while fighting in Germany (both front and back), and 3 portraits of Norman, Julian (left) and Norman, and Julian (left), Norman (center), and an unknown soldier (right), all in wartime. 


I am anxious to make it to the Mini-reunion in Palm Springs in April, and I hope to be traveling with Norman and his son (my uncle) Vernon.









received January 2009
from Scott J. Ross