Pvt. Odas Sweet, H Company

Hi Ben,

   I finally got around to scanning a few pictures to my computer, so I am sending them to you in hopes that someone remembers my dad "Odas Sweet".  Maybe you could add them to the WWII photo section. Some of the pictures feature "Willie Starnes" and  "Vanderport" (no mention of a first name).  [Pvt. Raymond D. Vanderport - BB]

  I received a page with my dad's autograph and address from Jay Sutcliffe.

 Thanks Jay,  I appreciate it.  I sent Willie Starnes a letter but I haven't heard from him yet but I'm still hopeful.  I am sure that a lot of the 517th PRCT don't know that this web site exists or do not own a computer so it is hard to contact them. I have some negatives to redevelop of mostly landscapes from an old German camera that my dad brought home from the war . I will send them to you when I get things organized.  Thanks Ben......

                                                                         Rick Sweet


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received  January 2007

from Rick Sweet