Ray Hess and F Company

Ray Hess at Ft. Benning, 517th Reunion, 2011


Photos of F Company in Italy and France 1944


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Sgt. James Cunningham,

taken in Rome area

Ellis, Cunningham, and Hess

in our shack in the Rome area.


A picture of practically the

whole platoon.  Out of the

gang on this picture there

are 2 dead and 5 in the hospital.

D-1 day



Here is my squad except for

the right man in the first row.

Back: Paul Brazie,

Norman Haller (hurt in jump)

Front: Ernie Gilbert, John Jonientz

Travis Banks

Missing: Alvin Adelman, Edward Jones

Here's me and "Pappy" Ellis

again in Rome area


Taken at Camp MacKall

airport January 1944


This is Sgt. Cunningham and

myself sitting on equipment

bundles.  Taken D-1 day.


Kid with the glasses on is Pvt.

Francis Banks from New York

City.  He is now the Colonel's

body guard.  The kid sitting

alongside of him is Pvt. Paul

Young from Evansville, Ind. 

He was hurt on the jump

and is still in the hospital.

 Taken D-1 day

This is Bunce again from Scranton

with his full equipment on D-1 Day


This is PFC Raymond Bunce

from Scranton, Pa.  He is the

best kid in our platoon.  Doesn't

smoke, first drink he ever had

was here in France, and swears

very very little.  Good kid. 

D-1 Day


This is Brezie with full equipment

that he jumped with. Picture

was taken day before we jumped. 

The airfield is to right rear where

we got on the planes.

Hess and Brazie on last

furlough April 1944


guess who?  Beard, cigar and dirt

after three weeks.


Gilbert and mortar

John Jonientz


Jonientz, me, and Jones

Hess, Gilbert, Jonientz, Adelman

Gilbert, Webb

Sgt. Zalik, Cpl. Peacock,

3rd Platoon

Chutes hanging in the

sun to dry and air out


Sgt. Jack Sowell

Hornak (cook) and Gilbert

Gilbert, Collier, Coke/Cope(?)

Collier, Gibbs, and Cope (?)

2nd platoon mortar squad

Gilbert acting nutty as usual

S. Sgt. Bob Reed, Bat'l supply

? used to be gunner in my squad



Private Bolt and Gilbert

very hungry

Mortar right after fired shell & just left.

Kuzmierz, Gibbs, and Cope

Pvt. Hatterick


Sgt. Zalik

Jonientz, Gilbert, me

Alvin Adelman, Ernie Gilbert

Gilbert, Jonientz, and me

Gene Frice

Adelman and Jonientz

or vice versa

Kusmierz, Kilmartin, Cope and Collier

Adelman and I

Jones, me, and Jonientz

Lt. Riddle, my platoon leader

Chester Muzyka


1st Lt. George Giuchici


Breezie is the fellow sitting on

the box with a bottle of vine

in his hand.  Inside the tent and

mosquito bar is Sgt. Taskel Ellis,

my bunkmate back in Rome.

Looking into Luceram before



After the snow


Mortar as it looked when we

got up the morning it snowed



Gilbert and Adelman


Gilbert in the snow



?, ?, Joe Samoska

Photo in Nice 1944

(Joe was KIA on the last day of

combat in Bergstein and died in

Ray's arms of a gunshot wound)



Ray Webb, in NC

(though married, rec'd

a Dear John Letter)

Front: Gov of TN Terry Sanford

and his wife

Back: Hess, John Hornack,

Berie Ness, Jack Jewell

Raleigh, NC 1964




Received from Ray Hess

March 2013