Pvt. Richard L. Whidden

 D Company

Dear Ben,

I hope that you are doing well ! 

I permit myself to forward you the pictures of Pvt. Richard Whidden of 517th PIR, recently provided by his son Marc form Tampa (Ca).

They are showing some pictures of R. Whidden in Southern France, and Col de Braus sector, where his dog tag was found this year in 2008. They were accidentally lost in 1944, with a few US and French coins attached to the chain.

Marc Whidden kindly provided those pictures, thinking that they could be as well a good addition to the WWII Photos of the website, since no other elements on his father was found on it.

Thanks in advance, and best regards.

 Frederic Brega

received October 2008
from Marc Whidden via Frederic Brega