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H Company

Hi Bob,
A few more of Uncle Bob's photos. Perhaps someone will know the locations if not the Troopers. It looks like it is may be snowing in the one photo. The last 2 are Uncle Bob, including one he labeled France Oct 1944...

As far as I can gather the photos are all fall and winter of 1944, so would be Company H. My Uncle Bob was in G on July 4, 1944 and I found on a qual card that he is in H the following month and so stayed with H until Oct 1945 on separation.

Although I have some negatives I'm now not convinced that Uncle Bob took them. Do you have any idea of how pictures were typically taken and distributed?

Thanks, Elaine

hill camp

"foxhole rest"  -- Odas Sweet on left, James Sutcliffe on right.

Robert Magnuson Oct 1944

Robert Magnuson

from Elaine Berger
Received July, 2007