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G, H Company

After going back through emails to you and checking the site I don't think I've sent the attached yet. The exception being the jump school you've already posted. I sharpened this one up. After looking at Uncle Bob's qual card if the photos are jump school (they aren't in full gear, or clothing in some cases) then they are more probably Company G. If identified as G maybe someone else will take a look and recognize the face. I've added another, and I'm not sure if it is the same man. Uncle Bob moved from G to H late July or very early Aug of '44.

The hill camp and fox hole photos are Company H. As is the masked trooper. After getting a couple emails on some fairly burred photos I realize that someone could very likely recognize the eyes and nose showing.

Thanks again,

Thanks, Elaine

Jump School, maybe G Company


Jump School, maybe G Co


Masked trooper

Hill camp work


foxhole 3

from Elaine Berger
Received July, 2007